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Meet Dennis King, Your New REALTOR®

Meet Dennis King, Your New REALTOR®

Dennis lives by the motto “if you had time to do it twice, you had time to do it right the first time.” This has followed him throughout his life during his 8 years in the Marine Corps, his time in logistics, accounting, in oil and gas as a supply chain data analyst, etc. One aspect has followed Dennis across multiple industries and that is clients who appreciate him going “above and beyond.”

Dennis moved to the Houston area in 2013 then bought his first home when he was 27 and as many others felt, their real estate agent was lacking. This experience and similar stories from friends and family finally pushed Dennis to get his license and make a change in the industry, setting out to be the
best agent for you.

Clients will still tell you Dennis goes above and beyond, and he’ll still respond that he’s simply doing his job. A REALTOR® owes so much to the client; legally, morally, and ethically and this shows in the work product and client satisfaction. Whether helping buyer or sellers, your first home or 4th investment property, experienced or totally lost; Dennis takes pride in helping everyone with the same level of care.

Ask yourself one question, does your Realtor answer their phone when you call or will they just get back to you….eventually? Do it right the first time and you won’t have to do it twice.